Men’s cricket

The ball, when new, shall weigh not less than 5.5 ounces/155.9 g, nor more than 
5.75 ounces/163 g, and shall measure not less than 8.81 in/22.4 cm, nor more than 9 in/22.9 cm in circumference.

Women’s cricket

Weight:       from 4.94 ounces/140 g to 5.31 ounces 151 g

Circumference:      from 8.25 in/21.0 cm to 8.88 in/22.5 cm.

Junior cricket – Under 13

Weight:                from 4.69 ounces/133 g to 5.06 ounces 144 g

Circumference:   from 8.06 in/20.5 cm to 8.69 in/22.0 cm.

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