Sessions with 1st Class Cricket offer real purpose with drills and techniques taught to professional cricketers, now available to you.   Analysis is also used for private sessions, so players are clearly shown how to improve – and importantly how to make those changes.

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Think about this. The way your body moves through the bowling action affects how fast and straight you bowl. And the better it does it, the faster and straighter you can become. When you get things right, you improve. When you know how to get them right, you’ll improve faster.

At 1st Class Cricket we provide a safe and fun environment where you or your children can either take their first steps in cricket with our Little Acorns programme or progress your skills with our group and/or one to one coaching.

Cricket isn’t just a sport or a game, it’s also a way of life.  Following the Spirit of Cricket in every day life can be rewarding for all.

We want to make sure that every player, irrespective of ability, has an enjoyable cricketing experience with us, and is able to achieve their playing potential.
Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy your cricket in a safe and friendly environment.